About Flores

Flores Smokes Company is a Latina female-owned brand established in 2020. In the height of the pandemic, while the world was at a stand-still, Flores bloomed. Flores got its name from the creator's Puerto Rican abuelita.  Her abuelita who through selling homemade alcappurias from her Bushwick, Brooklyn kitchen, was able to build her dream home in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. 
As a cancer survivor, the creator of Flores Smokes Co. knew the benefits of the flower and wanted to make it easier for the consumer to enjoy while also feeling like luxury. Every bouquet of Flores is arranged to the liking of the client. Our motto is that everyone deserves their Flores while they can still smell them. Our clients are successful stoners, from doctors to CEOs to artists...etc, who enjoy partaking in their smokes and continue to knock the stigma of smokers being lazy.
With our romo de Flores being at its purest, flower and paper, the consumer can rest assured that what they are smoking is healthy.  Now we are expanding with apparel and soon to come accessories.
We are proud to be the ones you choose.  
Life is short so make sure you stop and smell the Flores.